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License Plates!.

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Finally an alternative to the notoriously debated Nebraska license plates!  These new bicycle-themed plates have been approved by the state DMV and are ready to be reserved.  Credit for the amazing design goes to NeBA Business Members Quentin at Hanscom Park Studio and Vince from Ponderosa Cyclery and Tour.

The Nebraska Bicycling Alliance must pre-sell 250 of these plates before they can be printed and distributed.  We will keep you updated on our progress as we get them sold.

Cost:  Each plate is $70 plus a $5 donation for processing, and requires a two step process:
1. Pay via PayPal here:

We are a registered 501c3 organization. Tax ID: 46-3366141

2. Complete this NeBA-license-plate-form,

and email it to info@nebike.org, using “plates” in the subject line. You may also mail your form to us: PO Box 218, Omaha, NE 68010.  Your plates will not be reserved until we have BOTH payment and form. 

You have questions, we have answers:

Q. Is the $75 a one time fee?
A. $75 covers the cost plus processing fees for the initial plates.  $70 will be added to the vehicle registration fees each year thereafter.

Q. What if we want more than one set of plates?
A. You’ll need to make two separate PayPal payments and send us 2 forms (one form per vehicle).

Q. When will I get my plates?
A. Plates will be created and distributed when we have met the 250 minimum. Our goal is to meet this in 2017. Help us get there more quickly by encouraging your friends and family to purchase them!

Q. What if you don’t sell 250 plates?
A. NeBA will be keeping all collected plate fees in a restricted account; you will receive a refund if we don’t sell the minimum number.

Q. I just got the new standard license plates. How does it work to get a new one mid-stream?
A. You can still pre-order now. There may be pro-rated or additional fees when you switch. Your County Treasurer’s Office could tell you the exact fees.

Q.  Can I personalize my plate?
A. No, the state does not allow this at this time.  Your plate will have a random 5 digit number. County numbers are also not available on these plates.

Q. Where does the money go?
A.  15% ($10.50) to the Department of Motor Vehicles Cash Fund, 85% ($59.50) to the Highway Trust Fund.