Signals vs. Devices

Posted on March 4, 2016 · Posted in General

Oh, the difference one word can make!

The impact of LB 716 turns out to be more broad than we initially realized.

An amendment to the bill addresses one simple word – a word that is going to have a great impact. ‘Signal’ becomes ‘device,’ and suddenly, trail intersections with stop signs are added to the list of impacted intersections with lights that we’ve previously identified.

For the policy geeks among us, check out the statutes:

60-670. Traffic control device, defined.

Traffic control device shall mean any sign, signal, marking, or other device not inconsistent with the Nebraska Rules of the Road placed or erected by authority of a public body or official having jurisdiction for the purpose of regulating, warning, or guiding traffic.

 60-671. Traffic control signal, defined.

Traffic control signal shall mean any signal, whether manually, electrically, or mechanically operated, by which traffic is alternately directed to stop and permitted to proceed.

If you haven’t yet taken the time to email your state senator (and others), please take time now to do so.  Letters from constituents are very impactful. If you need info or advice about what to write, see our previous post.